Leadership Development Skills Training Part 1

Training Overview: If we have learned anything from the last 20-plus years in LTI, it is the need for skilled and well-informed leaders who are able to influence others. To accomplish this, LTI offers a three-day course on how to develop and build skills of engagement, with leadership development being the end goal.

By attending this three-day virtual training, participants will be able to:

- Define leadership in general, then for themselves (what does leadership look like to you?)

- Name at least three leadership roles involved in peer work

- Identify at least five areas of healthcare where one could apply leadership skills

- List the important characteristics of effective leaders

- Explain the difference between a vision and a mission statement of leadership in peer work (visioning)

- State what it means to role model and lead by example

- Define your role as an advocate or leader in HIV, HCV, HR, and/or taking PrEP

- Plan for continuing your pursuit of leadership beyond peer work


Oct 08 - 10 2024


For each day
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

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