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Have questions about the LTI? Need information on how to get health insurance? View the Community Forum below for answers to common questions. To submit a Community Forum question or response click on this link to access the LTI Help Desk.

Am I eligible to attend a program?

Can I attend an LTI training if I'm not HIV positive?
  • Yes. LTI’s Foundational Training Series are open to those interested in becoming a certified Peer Worker and/or are living with HIV, Hep C, or practicing Harm Reduction.
Who can attend an LTI training? 
  • LTI trainings are open to individuals living with HIV, Hep C, or practicing Harm Reduction in New York State. These trainings ensure that participants understand the key components of their own care and can address ongoing issues related to recovery, treatment adherence and can navigate complex systems of health and behavioral health care. Completion of foundational training affords participants an opportunity to “do their own work” to promote personal wellness as a precursor to being able to take on a formal role assisting others.

What if there are No Trainings Near Me?

Please contact LTI here to request a training near you.

What are the training Costs and Expenses?

Do I get paid to attend this training?
  • No, participants are not compensated to attend this training. Young Adults attending the youth ACT retreat are given a cash per-diem for dinner each evening.
Do you help cover any of my costs getting to trainings?
  • LTI can provide limited mileage reimbursement if you use a personal vehicle to get to our training. We also provide bus/subway passes, and work with our community partners to provide car service for participants who require it.
What if I need childcare?
  • LTI provides limited childcare reimbursement for participants, but does not provide on-site day care.

Where can I get an HIV test?

Where can I get an HIV test?

How do I get health insurance?

I need health insurance - where do I go or who can I talk to?
  • All New Yorkers can call 1.855.355.5777 or 1.800.662.1220 to speak with a New York State application counselor. Counselors are available to assist you during the following times:
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
    Saturday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    You may also visit the New York State of Health website for more information: Additionally, most LTI agency partners have case workers on staff who can assist you in finding insurance that is right for you. Click here to locate our partner agencies and their contact information

How many people can attend an LTI training?

How many participants can go to a training?
  • We accept up to 20 participants per training.

What does a normal training day look like?

To get more information on our Foundational Training Series please click here.

When do you release training dates?

How far in advance are training dates released?
  • Generally, LTI calendars training dates six-months before the training, and starts intensive, local outreach efforts one, two and three months before the training. Outreach is also done year-round, and we’d be happy to visit your agency, service provider or community based-organization to give a presentation.Contact us to request a presentation or for outreach information

What trainings do you have for friends and family?

Do you offer any trainings for my friends and family?
  • Currently, LTI does not offer trainings for friends and family, but we do offer helpful resources for them in our resource center which can be found here. CAI also offers many trainings for healthcare professionals, and you can learn more by visiting

I have a great resource to share - how can I share it with the community?

I have a resource that I think is helpful - where can I send it to share with others?
  • First, decide who your resource is best suited for - alumni, friends and family, mentors or ageny partners. Then, login to the LTI Community Forum and post your resource or send it to us here.

How do I know if I am an Alumni?

If I already completed the Self Managment Training Program or the Core Program, am I an Alumni?
  • Yes! Whether you call yourself a Graduate or Alumni you are a part of the LTI family. If you need login credentials to access the Alumni Action Center, contact us

How do I become a mentor?

How do I become a mentor?
  • The first step to becoming a mentor is to complete an LTI training and submit a completed application. Contact LTI here to request an application or more information. Detailed information on the mentorship program is given during our trainings.

How do I become a CAB Member?

How do I become a CAB (Consumer Advisory Board) Member?
  • Consumer Advisory Board Members are selected once a year by the LTI program, when a vacant seat for one of the 11 New York State Ryan White Regions is open. You must submit the application during the open application period and be voted onto the CAB by its current membership. For more information on the CAB, please contact us
Do CAB Members get paid?
  • No, CAB members are not compensated but are reimbursed for any out of pocket expenses related to CAB Member work.

How is the LTI funded?

Who funds LTI?
  • LTI is grant funded by the New York State Department of Health, AIDS Institute.

My login or password isn't working.

My login access isn't working - who can help?

How do I get LTI newsletters?

How often is your newsletter released?
How do I subscribe to the newsletter?
  • Complete the newsletter subscription form on the left of this page. 

Still have questions?

I still have questions. Who can I talk to?
  • Anyone from the LTI staff would be happy to talk to you to answer any questions you may have. The LTI Project Associate has the most in-office hours should be your go-to LTI staff person to contact!