The Body's Immune System

guide Understanding the Immune System: How does the immune system work? Click here to download the guide.
factsheet 1 

Types of Blood Cells: Understanding red and white blood cells, platelets and lymphocytes. Click here to view the factsheet.

guide T-Cells: What are T-cells? What is a T-cell count? What are T4 percentages and why do they matter? Click here to review the guide.
factsheet 1 CD4 Cells: What are CD4 cells? How are they reported? Why are they important? Click here to download the factsheet.
report The HIV Lifecycle: Learn about how HIV impacts your cells and your body's immune system. Click here to download the report.
factsheet 1 The ABCs of Hepatitis: Learn about Hep A, Hep B and Hep C. Click here to download the factsheet.
tips Get Tested: Need an HIV test? Click here to find a testing center near you. 
factsheet 1 HPV and Men: What is HPV and how do you get it? Click here to download the factsheet.
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