Relationships and Disclosure

 guide Myths and Misunderstandings: Understand the facts about HIV. Click here to download the guide.
 tips Your Right to Confidentaility: What laws protect people living with HIV? Click here to view the state and federal laws protecting people with HIV.
 factsheet 1

Telling Others You're HIV Positive: What are the issues? What are general guidelines? Are there special situations? Click here to download the factsheet.

 tips Responding to Someone Who's Disclosed Their Status: View tips on how to respond when a loved one has disclosed their HIV status to you. Click here to access the link.
helpful link Health Information Privacy: There are national standards that protect your health information and who can access it. Click here to learn more.
helpful link Caring for Someone with HIV: The Family Caregiver Alliance offers free online resources around the challenges of providing care to individuals with chronic conditions. From stress management to maintaining quality of life, this resource offers news and continuing education opportunites for caregivers. Click here to view the website.
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