Insurance and Supportive Services

videos  What Types of Insurance Exist? What types of insurance are there and what do I qualify for? Click here to check out Kaiser’s YouToons: Getting ready for the Affordable Health Care Act video
 helpful link Get Health Insurance: All New Yorkers can contact the AIDS Institute at or the New York State of Health to request health insurance. Call 1855-355-5777 or visit: 
 helpful link Questions About Medicaid and Medicare? Click here or visit the NYS DOH Medicaid website:
handout Understanding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): What is Obamacare? What does it mean for individuals who are HIV+? Click here to view the handout
helpful link Available Supportive Services: To learn about services you may be elligible for, visit link for a list of services, organizations and how to access them.
trainings Trainings and Continuing Education: Register to attend an LTI course or advanced workshop to improve your self management knowledge and skills. Click here to sign up.



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