currentagenciesThe LTI partners with agencies throughout New York State. Agencies provide consumers access to valuable resources including the LTI Foundational Training Series, Community Partner Forums and updates in HIV, Hep C, and Harm Reduction treatment and care.

interested agencies

Agencies who serve individuals with chronic conditions are encouraged to apply as a partner agency. All interested partners should meet the eligibility requirements and have the ability to provide referrals and resources. To view the eligibility requirements and apply to become a 2016-2017 LTI partner agency, click here and submit your application!


The LTI Community Advisory Board (CAB) is comprised of community members from each region of New York State. These members serve as a vital connection between the LTI program and local communities, and they play an essential role in the recruitment of new participants to the LTI program. All CAB members are selected by the LTI program team and each member is actively involved in the HIV community. Click here to learn more.

CAB & Community Partners