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Congratulations to the first 45 Certified Peer Workers in New York State!

To be certified as a peer worker, a person must have "lived experience" related to HIV, Hepatitis C, and/or harm reduction services.
Certified peer workers are employed by community based organizations and hospitals, in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Many Certified Peer Workers have taken LTI's "Foundational Training Series" - training that peers can take on their path to becoming certified.

peer mentor grads

Above, three LTI Peer Mentors from Western New York graduated the program. Left to right: Yolanda Sims, Dawn Trotter, and Liza Pereira.

In addition, LTI Peer Mentors who also graduated:

Raymond Austin
Pedro Beneitez
Dawn Carney
Nancy Duncan

Below, Perry "Rusty" Chambliss speaks to to the graduates and then snaps a picture with Dawn Carney.

Rusty at Peer Cert

 Rusty Dawn


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