HIV Meds

factsheet 1 Adherence 101: How much adherence is enough? What is resistance? Download the factsheet to learn more.
factsheet 1 Drug Interactions: What are drug interactions? Does food matter? Click here to download the factsheet.
factsheet 1 

How Do Drugs Get Approved? Why does it take so long for a drug to get approved? How do we know if a drug works? Click here to view the factsheet.

videos Paying for Meds: Are anti-HIV medicines very expensive? How will I pay for them? Who pays for them? What’s Ryan White and ADAP? Do I need ACA (Obamacare) to treat my HIV? Click here to view this video.
factsheet 1 Common Side Effects: Learn what side effects are and how to manage them. Click here to view the factsheet.
factsheet 1 When to Start Treatment: Do you know when people with HIV should start treatment? This resource is currently being updated. Please check back soon.
factsheet 1 Drug Chart: There are many antiretorvirals available in the United States. Click here to view this online fact sheet from and learn about class, appearance, and dosage instructions.
tips Get Tested: Need an HIV test? Click here to find a testing center near you. 
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