Diet, Nutrition and Wellness

factsheet 1 Nutrition and HIV: Learn why nutrition is important, facts about supplement usage and how to practice food safety. Click here to view the factsheet.
factsheet 1 Whole Body Health: Beyone HIV, learn how to care for the whole you. What medical conditions do you need to be aware of? Why? Click here to view the factsheet.
tips Physical Activity and HIV: Starting an exercise plan can help reduce stress and help your heart. Click here to view tips within this article. 
factsheet 1 Bone Health: Learn what osteoporosis is, who is at risk, how to stay healthy and how it connects to HIV. Click here to view the factsheet. 
factsheet 1 HIV Heart Health: How does HIV increase heart disease risk? What are other risk factors? Click here to view the factsheet.
report HIV and Dental Care: Learn about barriers to and case studies about accessing dental care. Click here to view the report. 
tips The Body, Smoking and Tobacco Use: Review the health effects of tobacco use, HIV implications and resources to quit. Click here to view the tips. 
guide Calcium Myths and Facts: Calcium, vitamins D and K and magnesium - why do they matter? What are good dairy-free sources of calcium? Click here to download the guide.
guide Understanding Lipids: Learn what lipid levels are, when they should be checked and why they are important. Click here to view the guide.
factsheet 1 All About Lipids: What are lipids? What is lypidstrophy? Why does it matter? Click here to view the factsheet.
guide Medical Apointments: Choosing the right provider and getting the most out of your visit. Click here to view the guide.
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