Chronic Conditions

factsheet 1  The ABCs of Hepatitis: Learn about the chronic conditions - Hepatisis A, B, and C. Click here to view the factsheet.
 factsheet 1

HPV in Women: Learn about the symptoms of HPV and key considerations for HIV positive women. Click here to view the online factsheet.

factsheet 1 HPV in Men: HPV can effect men too - click here to learn about the virus and how to protect yourself.
 guide Obesity: Many people don't know that obesity can impact an HIV+ person's CD4 count. Click here to view the guide with information related to obesity and HIV.
 factsheet 1 Diabetes: One of the most common chronic conditions is diabetes. Click here to view the factsheet and learn more.
 factsheet 1 Chronic Cancers: Did you know many cancers are also considered chronic conditions? Click here to view this guide and learn about the most common cancers.
factsheet 1 Dimensions of Wellness: The Dimensions of Wellness help individuals with chronic conditions manage their health more effectively. To learn more, view the fact sheet and sign up for a training near you. 
 guide Pain Management: Many individuals with chronic conditions experience pain. To learn how to manage pain more effectively, click here to view the guide. 
 guide Fatigue Management: Many chronic conditions cause fatigue. Click here to learn more about fatigue and how to mange it effectively. 
 guide Depression Management: It is common for individuals with chronic conditions to suffer from depression. To view tips on how to manage depression, click here. 
 factsheet 1 Health Organ Function: Chronic conditions can take a toll on our organs, some worse than others. It's important to have proper organ function or problems could arise. Check out this fact sheet to get a basic understanding of organ health.
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